If you would like to register by mail:
Please click the link below to print out the paper registration form to send along with a check or money order to complete your pre-registration for the
Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky XXXVII Convention “Planting The Seeds””
(Please Use the Paper Form for Treatment Center Pricing and to make Newcomer Donations. Please contact the committee directly for questions regarding pricing for treatment centers. )

Registration is now open!!
Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky 2023 Registration Form-Updated Flyer

Click to Register!

Registration will be available at the door, January 6th-8th for $25

It is not required that you bring a completed registration form, however if you would like to fill one out and bring it with you, it will speed up the registration process


Any other questions about Registration please contact
Donna B 828-778-1211